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The rain in Spain doesn’t fall mainly in the plain

17 Dec

But over mountains.

Red Rain- Acrylic on canvas- 65 x 73 cm.

Life under Aitana’s peak

30 Nov

These are some of the magic woods inside the province of Alicante, where my inspiration comes from:

landscape, dusty spring

La Sierra del Carrascal. The dark green color reminds me to the cypresses, always pointing to the sky as showing a way to scape. This wood has a kind of druid spirit as well, dry and hard, but foggy and humid in the inside.


Behind the top (El Puig)

28 Jul

There is always a high mountain to climb. Enormous, single, powerful… almost unreacheable. I try to foul my mind and see already “behind the top”. What wonderful view is waiting for me? With which new perspective I will see the world?