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RED in the Fair

8 Mar

The Spanish Contemporary Art Show ARCO took place once again in Madrid. This year the fair was reduced in size and in the words of some collectors, works of art could be better seen.

If I should define this 2011 edition of ARCO with a colour, it would be red.

I always wondered if there anything subliminal when talking about colours. Neil Harbisson told us in a previous post of this blog that he can see colours through sounds. For him colours are rational, mathematical, and if Nice in France was azure for him or Madrid brown, it was due to empirical matters. But for me, a common “seeing” person, colour has more to do with the unconscious.

I especially liked this edition of ARCO as it seems to me that there were more paintings. I was amazed by the striking works of some artists who really take colour seriously like Herbert Brandt, Bosco Sodi or Peter Krauskopf. Now after some weeks, if I try to recall the fair, it is just the colour red that comes to my mind.

Why? Maybe because the artists that have use it, have done it with an intense hue which gives their works a powerful presence? Maybe because for some works of big format have used this colour? Because I am especially sensitive to this colour? It could be because Russia was the guest of the fair and still the red flag flutters in my mind? Or because China is being talked everywhere and we associate this country with this colour too? I cannot tell, I leave it to you to decide.

I attach some fantastic artworks that stroke me in the fair. And of course, red colour is everywhere.

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