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Successful opening of three exhibitions at the art center CADA

12 Apr

Last Thursday, on the 7th of April, the Art Center of Alcoy CADA opened its doors to inaugurate three exhibitions at a time: “Picasso and the Mediterranean”, Mónica Jover Calvo‘s “Panorámicas” and the video art “Fluido elemental”. The art center was almost at its full capacity.

The artist Mónica Jover, together with Joan Peiró -Vice-chancellor of culture for the Polytechnic College of Valencia- and Robert Sellés -Director of the Social and Culture Area of the CAM- were in charge of giving speeches and presenting the collections. Around a hundred people came to see the exhibitions, among them artists, friends, professionals of the sector and people interested in art.

Here you can see some images of the event.

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Mónica Jover and Picasso: Mediterranean landscapes in the CADA

17 Mar

On April, the 7th, the art exhibition Panorámicas will take place in Alcoi’s recently opened Art Center CADA. The exhibition will show the most recent works of Mónica Jover, an artist specialized in depicting landscapes, particularly of the most interior area of the province of Alicante, in Spain. Parorámicas will be the complement of Picasso’s pieces collection Picasso and the Mediterranean which will be opened at the same time at the art center, filling out CADA’s proposal for this spring, a homage to the Mediterranean culture.

Picasso and the Mediterranean is a collection of etchings, ceramics and illustrated books by Pablo Picasso where he represents, on several objects, his particular view of the culture impregnating the countries at the Mediterranean seashore. Mónica Jover’s Panorámicas, on the other side, is a collection of canvases where the Mediterranean mountainous landscape is represented from the artist’s point of view. She establishes a dialog with her surroundings, becoming the interlocutor with nature. The result is pictures where the inner and outer side of landscape is represented.

Clicking here you can see the invitation: Panorámicas by Monica Jover

Díptico 1- 190 x 160 Acrylic on canvas 2011

Augment-ARt: Linking dimensions

15 Feb

Real Landscape                Mónica Jover’s landscape       In the fourth dimension

Augment-ARt is a project designed by Mónica and Eva Jover in order to research if artworks are better understood when observed in the spot they have been inspired. With this objective in mind, we will “hang” a landscape picture in the spot where it has been conceived with a Sekai Camera App. With this camera we can make a photo of the picture, georeference it and post it in a “fourth dimension”, the dimension provided by  the “augmented reality“, in such a way that the picture will be invisible to the human eye but could be seen through an smartphone Android, IPhone or IPad. The application also allows to make comments and disseminate the experience directly to social networks.

Augment-ARt is a bridge-project linking the artist’s works to their inspiration, the environment to its subjective interpretation, the physical area to virtual reality, the artwork to the opinion of the public by a single application. To achieve this we will use the artwork of Mónica Jover Calvo, an artist specialized in landscapes, and an Augmented Reality app, the Sekai Camera.

Landscape works are most frequently shown in art galleries or museums, in enclosed and clean-aseptic rooms, where they are placed against a white background to avoid distraction of any other element which is not the artwork itself. In this project we tried to experience the possibility of building a virtual exhibition in the same landscape where the artist gets the inspiration. We know that an artwork without a context has a value in itself, by its aesthetics, but the sensations it provides. However, we know that it really achieves its relevance when it is placed in context. As context provides the necessary elements to fully understand the artwork with Augment-ARt we will make the context placing the picture in the same spot that started its inspiration.

New technologies are now opening infinite possibilities to think art in different ways. To these possibilities we can add now the capacity of geopositioning pictures of works, and leaving them hanging in the open in a “fourth dimension”, make comments and share them among the social networks. The result thus, is not a landscape picture decontextualized in a gallery far away from the place it started, but an artwork that is part of the same natural landscape. An artwork that is also being enriched by the comments of the visitors and being disseminated without external agents, through the new social networks.